Star Super Exploded View

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1. Frame 16. Trigger plunger spring 31. Slide stop plunger 46. Firing pin retaining pin
2. Ejector 17. Trigger plunger 32. Slide stop plunger spring 47. Firing pin spring
3. Ejector pin 18 Sear bar 33. Slide stop plunger retaining screw 48. Loaded chamber indicator
4. Hammer 19. Sear bar pin 34. Takedown lever 51. Rear sight
5. Hammer strut 20. Interrupter 35. Magazine 53. Barrel bushing
6. Hammer strut pin 21. Magazine catch 36. Magazine follower 54. Recoil spring button
7. Hammer spring 22. Magazine catch lock 37. Magazine spring 55. Recoil spring guide
8. Hammer spring plunger 23. Magazine catch lock spring 38. Magazine floorplate 56. Recoil spring
9. Hammer pin 24. Magazine safety 39. Magazine floorplate catch (optional) 57. Front sight
10. Sear 25. Magazine safety lock 40. Barrel 58. Grip plate, right
11. Sear pin 26. Magazine safety lock spring 41. Slide 59. Grip plate, left
12. Sear spring 27. Thumb safety 42. Extractor 60. Grips screws (4)
13. Sear spring pin 28. Thumb safety plunger 43. Extractor pin
14. Trigger 29. Thumb safety plunger spring 44. Extractor spring
15. Trigger pin 20. Slide stop 45. Firing pin


MAKE SURE THE PISTOL IS COMPLETELY UNLOADED. Remove the magazine. Pivot the takedown lever toward the muzzle as far as it will go. Pull the slide and barrel assembly forward off the frame, holding in the recoil spring with your thumb to keep it from kinking outward. Carefully pull the recoil spring guide out from its sear against the barrel lug and remove the guide and spring assembly. Rotate the barrel bushing counterclockwise 1/8 turn and pull it out the front of the slide. Remove the barrel through the front of the slide. Reassemble in reverse order.

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