Star Models and Manufacture Dates
This list is not presented as the definitive list, there is much speculation on Star pistol models due to a lack of official records from the manufacturer.

.22 Long Rifle
.25 ACP (6.35 mm)
7.63 mm Mauser
7.65 Parabellum (.30 Luger)
7.65 mm (.32 French Long)
.32 ACP (7.65 mm)
9mm Corto (.380 ACP)
9mm Parabellum (Luger)
9mm Largo (Bergmann Bayard)
9mm Browning Long
.38 ACP
.45 ACP

.22 Long Rifle
F1928 - 19424Ό” barrel with safety behind trigger.
F Sport1932 - 19426" version of above.
F Target1932 - 19427” version of above.
FTB1932 - 1942Accurized version of above; imported by Stoeger in 1934.
FK1932 - 1933Single-shot version.
FP1933 - 1934Set trigger, orthopedic grips.
F1942 - 19584Ό” barrel, thumb safety, round barrel
F Sport1942 - 19586” version of above.
F Target1942 - 19587” version of above.
F1942 - 1958As above with barrel weights. Later version called Olimpic (sic).
HF19553” barrel, small aluminum frame.
HK1955 - 1983As above. Called “Lancer” in U.S.
FR1958 -19674Ό” as previous F with squared barrel
FR Sport1958 - 19676” version of above
FR Target1958 - 19677” version of above.
FR1967 - 1983As previous FR with slide stop added
FR Sport1967 - 19836” version of above.
FR Target1967 - 19837” version of above
FM1972 - 1977As previous FR with webbed trigger guard
.25 ACP (6.35 mm)
Izarra1905 - 1906Hammerless; made in small quantities
No. 21906 - 1909Concealed hammer with removable breechblock in slide
No. 21907 - 1909Concealed hammer, conventional slide.
19081908 - 1914Mannlicher styling with rowel hammer; some marked Estrella on grips.
19081908 - 1914As above with bird on grips and safety on hammer
19141914 - 1926Smaller version of French issue .32 of same year. Hammer block safety.
E1925 - 1934Semi-spur hammer, safety behind trigger. Forerunner of CO.
19261926 - 1930As 1914 but with safety behind trigger.
CO1930 - 1956Slightly larger than E. Popular in U.S.
CU1956 - 1973Streamlined, aluminum-framed version of CO. Called "Starlet" in U.S.
CK1973 - 1983CU with minor changes.
7.63 mm Mauser
19201920 - 1921Export version of M1920.
19211921Export Version of M1921
A1922 - 1983Export version of M 1922 (see all under 9 mm B-B)
M1933 - 1983Larger than A.
MD1933 - 1980M with selective-fire mechanism.
MM1933 - 1983M with shoulder stock.
MMS1956 - 1983As above with magazine safety.
7.65 Parabellum (.30 Luger)
UKS1972Similar to BKS (see under 9 mm Parabellum).
US1972Similar to BS-UKS and US made as prototypes for possible Italian sale.
.32 ACP (7.65 mm)
No. 21908 - 1909Larger version of 1907 No. 2 .25.
1910Larger version of 1908 .25 with rowel hammer
19131913 - 1915As above with longer barrel.
Izarra1914 - 1921"Ruby"-type. Not all sold to France.
19141915 - 1918French issue-20,000 delivered.
19261926 - 1931Similar to 1914 but safety behind trigger.
H1931 - 1936Spur hammer, pocket sized.
I1932 - 19354Ό" version of then current F .22.
I1935 - 1942Above with slide stop and thumb safety.
I1942 - 1957Above but without slide stop.
SI1944 - 1983Miniaturized Model A (see 9 mm B-B)
SI-Super1948 - 1983As above with quick takedown.
I1957 - 1967As 1942 version but with squared barrel.
SIS1957 - 1983SI with magazine safety.
I1967As 1957 version with slide stop.
IR1967 - 1983New name for 1967 I.
DKI1972 to date.32 version of DK (see under .380); unimportable in U.S.
7.65 mm (.32 French Long)
L1933Five only made for French Army tests.
9mm Corto (.380 ACP)
19141914 - 1926Similar to M1914 .32
D1922 - 1928Small locked-breech with safety behind trigger
D1928 - 1932As above but with slide stop
H1930 - 1932Similar to H .32
HN1932 - 1936New name for H in .380 caliber
I1933Similar to contemporary I .32
IN1934 - 1935New name for I in .380 cal. and thumb safety added
IN Police1935 - 1940With slide stop added
S1940 - 1983Miniaturized Model A
S-Super1948 - 1983Quick Takedown version, few made
D-Super1950Smallest Super version, few made
DK1956 - 1982forerunner of U.S. Model D and Pony pistols, called "Starfire" in U.S.
SS1957 - 1983S with magazine safety
Super-SM1971 - 1983As S-Super with adjustable rear sight
DKL1982 to dateNew name for DK, un importable in U.S.
9mm Parabellum (Luger)
19201920 - 1921Export/commercial version of military model
19211921Export/commercial version of military model
19221922 - 1931Export/commercial version of military model
B1924 - 1931Alternate name of M1922
B1931 - 1983M1911A1 backstrap added, popular in U.S.
B .081942 - 1944German police/military issue
B-Super1946 - 1983Quick takedown feature, popular in U.S.
BS1957 - 1983As B with magazine safety
BKS1970 - 1983Compact aluminum frame
BKM1972 to dateEven smaller than BKS, currently in U.S.
BM1972 to dateAs BKM with steel frame, currently in U.S.
281980 - 1983Double-action, 15-shot
30M1983 to dateImprovement of M28, adopted in Guardia Civil
30PK1983 to dateLatest double-action version current in U.S. with aluminum frame, shorter than 30M, adopted by Spanish Police
9mm Largo (Bergmann Bayard)
19201920 - 1921Made for Guardia Civil with safety on slide
19211921Guardia Civil pistol with thumb and grip safety
19221922 - 1931Guardia Civil forerunner of Model A, B. P, etc., with grip safety dropped
A1924 - 1931Alternate name for Model 1922
A1931 - 1983M1911A1 type backstrap added
M1931 - 1983Slightly larger than A.
MD1931 - 1983As M with selective fire
M-Super1946 - 1983Quick takedown feature
AS1956 - 1983As A with magazine safety
MS1956 - 1983As M with magazine safety
9mm Browning Long
C1924 - 1931Few made, similar to A
C-Super1946Quick takedown feature, few made
.38 ACP
NoteAlmost all models listed under 9mm Largo were also made concurrently in this caliber,differing mainly in milling of breech face, marked 9mm/.38
.45 ACP
Izarra1917First large-caliber prototype (hammerless) submitted for French tests. Order received but no production due to war.
19201920 - 1921Export version of military model.
19211921Export version of military model.
19221922 - 1931Export version of military model.
P1923 - 1931Alternate name for M1922.
P1931 - 1983M1911A1 type backstrap added.
M193l - 1936Slightly larger version of P.
PD1931 - 1934Selective-fire version of P.
PS1957 - 1983As P with magazine safety.
Super-P1958Quick takedown model.
PKM1974Similar to BKM. Prototype for PD.
PD1975 to dateCompact aluminum-frame model with low profile adjustable sights, Current in U.S.

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