Sources for Parts

Mr. Bill Bowden owner/operator of Wild Bill's Concealment Holsters has made a concealment holster for the Astra 400. I have not done business with him, but one of my friends has and was pleased with the holster.

Wild Bill's Concealment Holsters
P.O. Box 1941
Garner, NC 27529
Tel: (919) 779-9582




A Gentleman in Spain has manuals and posters for a variety of Star Firearms.
To see a list of what he has click here.
He can be contacted via email: Jorge Herran Arnaiz

I have done business with Mr. Arnaiz and highly recommend him.

Vintage Gun Grips Inc. stocked reproduction grips for several firearms of interest to 9mm Largo fans.

1544 Seminola Blvd.
Suite #136
Casselberry, FL 32707
Phone: 407.331.1324
Fax: 407.331.0637

John Colomb stocks parts for the Star Super pistol.

John Colomb
9803 Plum Ridge Drive
Houston, TX 77064
Phone: 713-937-7187

Surplus International LLC stocks surplus 9mm Largo ammunition of several vintages.

Surplus International, LLC.
P.O. Box 223
Harmony, Maine 04942
Phone: (207)683-2264
Fax: (207)683-2172
8:00am to 5:00pm Eastern time Monday - Friday

Bob's Gun Shop stocks parts for the following firearms:
  • Star Model A
  • Star Model B

    Bob's Gun Shop
    P.O. Box 200
    Royal AR 71968
    8 to 4 Weekdays Central Time
    Phone or FAX: 501-767-1970

    Here's a report I got via email concerning them, I haven't done business with them.

    Let me tell you of my experience locating Mod. B parts. In early Jan. 99, I wrote to Crown Parts in Houston Tx. I sent a list of parts I needed along with a SASE for reply. I never heard from them. Later, in early Feb 99, I sent the same list to Bob's Gun Shop, P.O. Box 200, Royal AR 71968. Again I sent a list along with a return envelope. Within days he replied. I ordered some of the parts I needed. They were priced right and shipped promptly. I would recommend Bob's to anyone looking for these hard-to-find parts.
    D. Sudbury

    Marstar stocks the following parts or the following firearms:
  • Astra 400 parts (email for wants)

  • Marstar
    Orders 1-888-744-0066
    Information 1-613-678-3173
    Fax 1-613-678-2359

    Haven't done business with them.

    The only published source for information exclusively on Astra Pistols that I know of, appropriately enough Astra Automatic Pistols, written by Leonardo M. Antaris; is available from a couple of sources that I know of:

    1. online book sellers. Price=$43.95 US

    2. I.D.S.A. Books, P.O. Box 1457, Piqua, Ohio 45356; Voice: 937-773-4203; Fax: 937-778-1922; Price=$40.45 US.

    I ordered my copy from I.D.S.A., I have ordered several things from them and got prompt service. I have done business with and recommend them also.

    New firing pins for Destroyer Carbines can be obtained from:
    Keith Whaley, pistolsmith,
    WHALEY's Gunsmithing
    3629 Greenwood Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90066-3017
    Ph 310-391-9871, 8A-6P PST, M-F & Sun.

    Here's the information quoted from Keith:

    "What I CANNOT do, is to make any firing pins for the individual owners to "drop-in" and assemble. Destroyers are hand fit from such a variety of parts which differ dimensionally, there is no such thing as a drop-in Firing Pin possible.

    I must ask for the complete bolt (ONLY) to be sent to me, post-paid, for accurate measurements prior to machining and fitting the new pin. Send along a typical fired case, if you have one available. I will finish machine the firing pin from 140,000 psi tool steel, thread it, hand-fit it for length and pin hole size, re-install the spring and re-assemble with the proper firing pin protrusion. It is ready as a completely assembled bolt upon it's return. The original pin is returned with the bolt.

    I have settled on $45/pin, to custom fit to the customer's bolt. I'll pay return shipping. 100% guaranteed to satisfy the gun's needs."

    Several friends have gotten excellent service from Keith, and I highly recommend him.

    W.C. Wolff Company stocks springs for the following firearms:
  • Astra 400
  • Star A, B, M and Variants

  • Wolff Company
    P.O. Box I
    Newton Square, PA 19073-0458
    Orders: 1-800-545-0077 (Mon-Fri 8:30-4:30 EST)
    Information: 1-610-359-9496

    I have ordered from W.C. Wolff and received excellent service.

    The Gun Parts Corp stocks parts for the following firearm:
  • Astra Model 1921 (400)

  • Gun Parts Corp
    West Hurley, New York 12491
    1-914-679-2417 (8 am-4:30 pm EST)

    I have ordered several times from Gun Parts and although they can't tell you if something is in stock (as of last time I ordered), they offer excellent service and were prompt and courteous with a return.

    Springfield Sporters stocks parts for the following firearm
  • Astra Model 1921 (400)

  • Springfield Sporters, Inc.
    R.D. 1
    Penn Run, PA 15765

    I have ordered several times from Springfield Sporters and received excellent service.

    Hunter's Lodge Corporation stocks parts for the following firearm:
  • Destroyer Carbine

  • Hunter's Lodge Corporation
    Waterfork Road Industrial Plaza
    Ethridge, TN 38456

    Received this information from Hunter's Lodge Corporation on 28 April 2000:
    Gentlemen have good supply Spanish Destroyer parts. Some items limited. Advise wants. No Astra 400 bushing at this time. Star super -Grips used $29.95, Magazines $49.00, 9mm Largo ammo $22.50 per 100rds.

    There has been severe criticism of this company on rec.guns and several list servers.  I have personally dealt with them also, and was less than satisfied, if you want details email me.  I recommend them as a last resort.

    SARCO, Inc. stocks the following items:
  • Cleaning rods for both the Astra 1921 (400) and the Star Model A
  • New Star Super barrels
  • Magazines for the Star Super and Astra 400
  • Parts grade Destroyer Carbines (last time I called, they were down to cracked stock Destroyers)
  • Parts for the Astra 1921 (400)
  • Got this information from the Gun Parts Corp. forums:

    Question Subject: Star Pistol Parts Source
    Submitted by: Name: Alan Date: 1/13/2002 3:39:00 AM

    For those that need parts for Star post-war models such as the PD, BM, BKS, BKM, Models 30, 31, Firestar, Ultrastar, etc., etc. that Gun Parts Corp. doesn't have, through some cyber-sluething I found out that Sarco, Inc. in New Jersey purchased the Star parts inventory of Intermarms, the last importer of Star handguns, when Interarms went bankrupt 2 or 3 years ago. There is a caveat though: Sarco has had the parts warehoused since that time and has not had the space or time to sort them out and catalogue them, so they have not been available. In recent correspondence they said that they now have additional space and "do plan to get started shortly." Sarco's website is

    SARCO, Inc.
    323 Union St.
    Stirling, NJ 07980
    1-908-647-3800 (8 am-4:15 pm EST)

    I have ordered several times from Sarco and received excellent service.  They were even willing to go check the parts bin for me for availability of a part.

    Southern Ohio Gun International Inc. stocks the following items:
  • Magazines for the Astra 1921 (400)
  • Magazines for the Destroyer Carbine

  • Southern Ohio Gun International Inc.
    P.O. Box 590, 100 S. Mechanic St.
    Lebanon, OH 45036-0590
    1-800-944-4867 (8 am-6 pm EST)

    When I had an FFL I ordered from S.O.G several times and received excellent service.

    Federal Arms Corporation of America stocks the following items:
  • NEW walnut grips for the Star A, B, C, M, and Super $19.95 (not listed in current catalog, unknown if they still stock them).
  • NEW Stainless Steel replacement barrels for the Astra 400, Star Super, and Star A in 9mm Largo and Parabellum.
    1. Astra 400: Stock length or extended and threaded $79.95
    2. Star Super: Stock length $59.95, Extended and threaded $59.95 (9mm Para only), extended and ported $69.95
    3. Star A: Stock length $69.95, Extended and threaded $69.95 (9mm Para only), extended and ported $79.95
    Federal Arms Corporation of America
    7928 University Ave.
    Fridley, Minnesota 55432

     We have a members report from Dave Berry on the 9mm Luger barrel for the Super:
    1. Received in about 5 days after phone order. (good service)
    2. Barrel appears well made (stainless steel) doesn't look cheesey at all. Well machined and nice rifling. I ordered the standard (non-threaded) barrel.
    3. Drops right in with no fitting (Star Super).
    4. Shoots SAME point of Impact as my largo loads (15 yards). No sight adjustment necessary!
    5. Pretty cool to look down the tube of my Super and not see a bore full of craters. (actually my Largo barrel isn't that bad, but it still looks quite different).
    6. Functioned very well using existing mags. Had 2 hangups (feeding) with about 125 rounds of ammo. No ejection problems.
    7. Swapped it back out for 9 largo when I got home!

    Starline stocks the following item:
  • NEW 9mm Largo reloadable brass.

  • Starline
    1300 West Henry St.
    Sedalia, MO 65301
    FAX 1-816-827-6650

    Excellent service and excellent brass.

    If you know of any other sources of parts, please let me know. We are desperately in need of a supplier of Destroyer Carbine parts. Just use the email link below and send whatever information you have. Thanks in advance.

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