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Once again, as with most old Spanish Steel, we know very little about the Llama (pronounced Yama) "Extra".

Llama firearms are produced by the firm of Gabilondo y Cia located in Elgoibar, Spain. In 1931 Gabilonda Y Cia decided to do its part in revitalizing the reputation of the lagging Spanish firearms industry. To this end they began making almost exact copies of the Colt/Browning M1911 design. The name Llama (pronounced Yama) was chosen for this line of pistols to separate it from earlier production of 'Ruby style' pistols of WWI vintage. The Ruby pistols did not have the quality control they needed and as a result earned a very bad reputation for Spanish firearms and Gabilondo y Cia. The new line of Llama pistols was produced in 9mm Long, .38 ACP and .45 ACP. These pistols were such faithful reproductions of the M1911 that some if not all parts were interchangeable with Colt/Browning M1911s. There were several variations on the design, one of which was the "Extra". The designation "Extra" was very simplistic, there was simply more pistol (a little extra, if you will). The barrel was 1/2" longer and the slide 3/8" longer. This produces an extra 1/8" barrel protrusion from the slide. A normal M1911 slide and barrel can usually be fitted to these pistols without modification. This would make the Llama "Extra" the original 'Long Slide .45'! Other variations on the basic Llama pistols included the deletion of the grip safety and changing of the extrator from an internal to external extractor, these however do not appear on Llama "Extra" pistols that I have examined. If you know of a good reference source that gives good solid data on the Llama Extra, please let me know.

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Proof marks found on the left side of the Llama Extra. These at least tell us that the pistol was proofed in 1940.

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Proof mark found on the left rear of the slide right above the safety notch of the slide.

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The serial number stamp on the pistol. Preceeding the serial number is a script G.C mark. This could possibly be the corporate logo or trademark for Gambilondo y Cia, the manufacturer of the pistol.

Top of Box

End of Box with Label
This is a scan of a Llama box I acquired, I do not believe this box to be from an 'Extra' as the interior dimensions are only 8 5/8 x 4 1/2. Click on the thumbnail for a larger view.

Left side view

Right side view

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