9mm Largo vs. 9x23mm Win

Lets compare the 9mm Largo with Winchester's new 9x23mm Winchester. The 9mm Largo was introduced in 1903. Ninety-three years later in 1996 Winchester introduced the new 9x23mm Winchester. This new cartridge was touted as the new wonder round of IPSC. It combined all of the good points of .38 Super without the troublesome semi-rimmed case of that round.

Load Muzzle
9mm Largo MAX load with WAP
9mm Largo 125g FMJ 1350 fps
506 ft. lbs. 5.150"
Winchester's data for 9x23mm Win
9x23 Win 125 gr. 1450 fps
583 ft. lbs. 5.0"

So, what we have gained in 93 years with this new 9x23mm round is 100fps., 77ft.lbs., and 12.25 on power factor. This doesn't sound like a new round to me, it only sounds like better barrel steel. You have to remember that the 99% of 9mm Largo firearms were produced in the 1950's or earlier. I think that if Astra or Star were to produce their 400's or Super series today, they would easily load to these higher figures. Shortly before its bankruptcy, Astra was producing a new IPSC gun, the Astra Custom SPS chambered for 9mm Largo. I am unaware of what the internal ballistics were for this gun

It is interesting to note that the exterior dimensions of the new 9x23mm and the 9mm Largo are basically the same, it's the interior dimensions that are different, the new round has a thicker web.

With all this said, I DO NOT recommend firing 9x23mm Winchester ammunition in a 9mm Largo firearm. These firearms were made over 40 years ago. Treat them with respect and load accordingly, or shoot the ammunition loaded and marketed as 9mm Largo.

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