Pirotecnia de Sevilla, Feb 62 1123115011104011.6
Fabrica Nacional Palencia, Julio 1949 (see note 4) 1023.3107378029387.8
CCI Blazer 124G TMJ, LOT J01Y27 1101.6111910774212.0
CCI Blazer 124G GDHP, LOT D17A2 (see note 5) 1079.5111410407421.4
Empresa Nacional Santa Barbara de Industrias Militares S.A. Toledo OCT 1981

Fabrica Nacional de Toledo 1949

RELOADS (see note 6) 1095.311081081278.9

Surplus International LLC, which has a good stock of surplus 9mm Largo ammunition for sale has conducted tests of their ammunition in a variety of firearms, that data is mirrored here.

1. Measurements were taken with a Chrony Inc. Model F-1 placed 6 feet from the muzzle.
2. Firearm used was a Star Model A.
3. Conditions were approximately 70 degrees F, 25 mph cross wind, I have no idea of our elevation here in the Texas Panhandle.
4. I bought this ammunition from a collector at a gun show. The cases have corrosion on them, but the bullets are not corroded into the cases. I had one hang fire and the low velocity round peppered my face with something, I believe it was unburned powder.
5. The box from the GDHP lists the muzzle velocity as 1190 using 4 inch test barrel.
6. Reloads utilized cut down 9mm WinMag brass, Bullseye powder, CCI standard primers and 125g 9mm LRN bullets.

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