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Leonardo M. Antaris has announced the availability of his new reference book; the much awaited STAR FIREARMS. Details from the author are below.
Now available: The first book devoted exclusively to Star's firearms

Star was founded in 1905 as a small family business whose goal was to manufacture top quality pistols. Sales of the M1914 and Izarra to the French military allowed Star to prosper during WWI. Shortly afterwards the Spanish Guardia Civil selected the M1920 to be their regulation sidearm. The testing process established a relationship that benefited Star for decades and provided the foundation for Star to become one of the most widely recognized names in the firearms industry.

After the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) Star was one of only three manufacturers allowed to continue making handguns. Thousands of Model Bs were sold to Germany and Bulgaria during WWII and in 1946 the Spanish Army selected the Super A to be their issue weapon. Over the next 50 years Star strove to dominate the Spanish arms industry, introducing an unparalleled array of commercial pistols. By the time Star closed in 1997, total production, including rifles and submachine guns, had reached nearly 2.5 million guns.

Star Firearms places each model in a historical context, emphasizes the most important mechanical features, and details how and why the guns were changed over the course of their production. The tables illustrating proof marks and codes supplement extraordinary spreadsheets that cover specific serial numbers and provide annual summaries. Prototypes, production guns, and presentation pieces have been painstakingly photographed with inserts of the more interesting features and markings. Complementing this well detailed text are numerous color compositions emphasizing engraved and gold damascened pistols.

Noted firearms author and historian Joseph J. Schroeder Jr. describes Star Firearms as a "first-class gun book, one that deserves a place on the bookshelf of every student of 20th century small arms."

This monumental work of over 600 pages and 1100 photos is one of the most informative texts of its genre. It is a must for any serious collector or arms historian regardless of their specific interest, for the depth of original research and quality of presentation sets a new milestone in firearms literature.

Deluxe Edition
A deluxe edition, limited to 55 copies, remains available. This magnificent text includes:

Standard Edition $115.00
Deluxe Edition $215.00
Now for my brief review:

The second book by Leonardo M. Antaris, STAR FIREARMS, is a cut above his previous book, ASTRA AUTOMATIC PISTOLS. His first book was complete technically and illustrated sufficiently; this new book retains the technical competence of his earlier book and supplements it with copious illustrations and color plates.

My first impression when I looked at the book was "WOW", a sentiment shared by several other purchasers. Those of us who collect old Spanish Steel have been eagerly awaiting this volume for the last seven years when rumors of it began to circulate. My personal anticipation grew as I began to speak with Mr. Antaris regularly at gunshows and get updated release dates for a year or so. It has definitely been worth the wait.

The book begins with a general history of Spain and how the Spanish firearms industry is intertwined with history. Several Spanish gunmaking firms are mentioned, with an appropriate emphasis on Star. There is section of Spanish proof marks as found on Star pistols. After this historical lesson the book concentrates separate chapters on each of the major Star firearms designs or families of designs.

These design specific chapters are very informative and include factory production and serial number charts where available. While many readers will jump immediately to the chapter covering their pistols of interest, the history section should not be bypassed. Only by understanding the history of Spain, it's changing government, and it's ethnic regions can you make sense of some facets of Spanish firearms production and design.

In short, this is a beautiful book both technically and visually and should not be missed.

If you desire to purchase a copy, please do so directly from the author:

1230 E. Rusholme St. Suite 107
Davenport, IA 52803 U.S.A.
Phone: 1-563-326-8181

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