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About three years ago, a dear friend in New Zealand asked me to help him sort out his 9mm Steyr cartridges from those of 9mm Bergmann-Bayard caliber. Thinking about it a little, I told him that the subject would make a good little four or five page article for the IAA Journal, which I would write, and send him an advance copy. Forty-four pages later, with the article too long for any of the Journals, I sent him a copy for his own use and filed away my own copy.

As time went on, and new information was discovered, it was added to what was by then, nothing more than a draft, full of pen and ink corrections, changes in grammar, etc. I had talked about it with several people and was encouraged to publish it. Our dear friend Major General Lewis Curtis III (USAF Retired) offered to publish it through his company "Gig Concepts Inc.," so I rewrote the entire thing, adding all corrections and new information I had to date. A draft was shown at a European show to two of my German friends, both experts in the field of pistol cartridges, and all of a sudden, I was deluged with information I had not had, and with their fantastic insights into the ammunition under discussion. I found that in my arrogance, I had thought I knew something about the various 9x23mm Rimless pistol cartridges, while the truth was that I was very ignorant on the subject. With the help and guidance of many people, all mentioned, I hope, in the acknowledgements, I was able to make many corrections, one of which was to abandon an erroneous premise I had that was a centerpiece of the work. It was a very humbling experience, and one that I am grateful for since it has made me a better and more careful researcher.

This work has been written primarily for the collector and student of the history of ammunition, rather than for the shooter. Therefore, various ballistics attributes of the cartridges discussed have been covered only slightly, if at all.

We hope that the research presented herein will serve as a basis for further study of this interesting group of cartridges, culminating in the removal of errors that may still exist in our story, and the documentation of specimens not known to us by the time of publication.

John L. Moss
Woodin Laboratory
December 2003

In late 2003 I was contacted by MGen Curtis seeking permission to utilize some images from this website in the book. My initial expectations of the book were as the author stated four or five pages folded in half and stapled. What I received is a book of 115 pages professionally bound. The 9mm Bergmann-Bayard cartridge is covered in a 30 page section with additional sections on other cartridges.

Identification of the 9x23mm Cartridges, 5 pages
Miscellaneous 9x23mm cartridges, 14 pages
The 9mm Steyr Cartridge, 22 pages
Factory Cartridge Drawings, 10 pages
Other 9x23mm Cartridge Reference, 20 pages

As stated in the Forward, the book is primarily intended for collectors of ammunition cartridges and not collectors of firearms. However, there is much information for firearm collectors to be gleaned as well. The history of a cartridge case gives valuable insight into who produced, evaluated, and/or adopted firearms of that caliber and to what extent. I was completely unaware of some of the countries that produced 9mm Bergmann-Bayard ammunition until I read this book. I was also completly unaware of several 9x23mm rimless pistol cartridges.

I highly recommend this book to collectors of 9x23mm pistol cartridges, and the firearms that utilize these cartridges.

This book is available for a cost of $33 for International Ammunition Association members and $45 for non-memebers.

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