Astra 400 Serial Number Blocks

1-200200Don Vincente Valero, purchasing agent, primarily for sale to the Spanish Army. A small number used for presentation purposes and individual sales, 1922
201-41953995Arms Division, Army Ministry, 1922
4196-420914Individual Sales (civilians and military personnel), 1922
4210-430091Don Vincente Valero, individual sales. 1922
4301-4400100Don Vincente Valero, individual sales, 1922
4401-74003000Arms Division, Army Ministry, 1922
7401-742727Individual sales, 1923
7428-750073Don Vincente Valero, individual sales, 1923
7501-105003000Arms Division, Army Ministry, 1923
10501-10600100Don Vincente Valero, individual sales, 1923
10601-1062323Individual sales, 1923
10624-1070077Cuerpo de Seguridad, 1924
10701-128002100Carabineros, 1923
12801-12900100Cuerpo de Seguridad, 1923
12901-13870970Carabineros, 1923
13871-1390030Carabineros, 1023
13901-14350450Arms Division, Army Ministry, 1923
14351-14450100Don Vincente Valero, 1923
14451-1450050Don Vincente Valero, individual sales, 1929
14501-191744674Carabineros, 1923
19175-1926591Don Vincente Valero, individual sales, 1923
19266-192694Individual sales, 1924
19270-20000731Carabineros, 1924
20001-212001200Division of Military Transportation, Madrid, 1924
21201-2121010Carabineros, 1924
21211-2130090Carabineros, Schilling, individual sales
21301-233002000Arms Division, Army Ministry, 1924
23301-2337575Carabineros, 1924
23376-2340025Individual sales, 1925
23401-2346666Carabineros, 1925
23467-23650184Individual sales, 1925
23651-2370050Carabineros, 1925
23701-23900200Mainly Carabineros, individual sales, 1925-1926
23901-249001000Carabineros (except 9 individual sales), Madrid 1924
24901-289004000Army Armory, Bilboa, 1925
23901-29800(a)900Spanish Navy, Bilboa, 1924-1925 (duplicate serial range)
28901-351326232Army Armory, Bilboa, 1925
35133-3520068Individual sales, 1924-1926
35201-35313113Carabineros, 1926
35314-35508165Berge y Cia for distribution to customs agents, 1926
35509-35775267Carabineros, 1926
35776-3582550Individual Sales, 1926-1928
35826-3587853Army Armory, Burgos, 1927
35879-3590022Individual sales
35901-3591010Carabineros, 1928
35911-3600090Erhard, purchasing agent, for distribution to customs agents, Bilboa, 1928
36001-36100100Individual sales, 1929-1933
36101-36200100Hoppe, purchasing agent, for distribution to customs agents, Bilboa, 1929
36201-36358158Individual sales, 1929-1933
36359-37200842Chilean Navy, 1930
37201-428005600Army Armory, Madrid, 1931
42801-42950(b)150Individual sales, 1932
42951-4300050No factory records available
43001-43100100Spanish Navy, 1930
43101-43200100No factory records available
43201-43300100Erhard, purchasing agent, for distribution to customs agents, Bilboa, 1932
43301-43600300Individual sales (several noted with A.F. Stoeger marked slides), 1934-1935
43601-43950350Spanish Navy, 1933
43951-44100150Individual sales, 1934-1936
44101-461002000Army Arsenal, Madrid, 1935
46101-46400300Spanish shipyards, 1935
46401-46500100Individual sales, 1936
46501-47384884Erhard, purchasing agent, for distribution to customs agents, Bilboa, 1935
47385-4740016Individual sales, 1935-1936
47401-48050650Army Arsenal, Madrid, 1935
48051-4810050Individual sales, 1936
48101-549216821Army Arsenal, Madrid, 1936
54922-5500079Individual sales, 1936
55001-582003200Civilian government of Vizcaya, 1936
58201-6980011600Defense division of the Euzkadian government, Bilboa, 1936-1937
69801-69900100Stolen, 1937
69901-6992525Army Arsenal, Burgos, 1937
69926-70500(c)575Stolen from Armory, Burgos, 1937
70501-70650(c)150Stolen from proof house in Bilbao, 1937
70651-8600015350Various armories, 1937-1938
86001-8605050Individual sales, 1938-1939
86051-910004950Various Spanish armories, 1938-1939
97001-91300300Individual sales, 1939-1942
91301-928001500Army Armory, Madrid, 1940
92801-9285050Individual sales, 1941-1942
92851-988506000Nazi German Army, 1941
98851-99050200Army Armory, Seville, 1941
99051-1041505100Various armories, 1941-1942
104151-105275(d)1125Individual sales 1941-1951

(a) These pistols, sold to the Spanish Navy, have duplicate serial numbers to those sold at the same time to the Spanish Army. Only the Spanish Navy M400 has the magazine release on the bottom of the left frame. All other M400 pistols have the magazine release at the butt.
(b) Most of the pistols in the 42829-42850 block were Navy model overruns, A number of these were reworked and modified to incorporate adjustable rear sights. Some were additionally fit with set triggers.
(c) Stolen from the existing Spanish Republican government by Franco's Nationalists during the Spanish Civil War.
(d) Another small group of pistols in the 105000 range (noted examples within 105028-105228) were reworked and modified to incorporate adjustable rear sights. Some were additionally fit with set triggers.

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