Astra 400 Exploded View

1. Barrel Bushing Lock12. Barrel23. Grip Safety Spring34. Trigger Bar Pin
2. Barrel Bushing13. Hammer24. Magazine Catch 35. Trigger Bar
3. Recoil Spring14. Sear25. Grip Safety Pin36. Trigger Bar Spring
4. Slide15. Sear Spring26. Magazine Catch Stop37. Spring Plunger
5. Extractor16. Safety Catch Detent27. Hammer Plunger38. Safety Catch
6. Extractor Spring17. Detent Spring28. Hammer Spring39. Magazine Safety Pin
7. Firing Pin Retainer Pin18. Slide Stop29. Magazine Catch Plunger40. Magazine Safety Spring
8. Extractor Retainer Pin19. Slide Stop Spring30. Magazine41. Magazine Safety
9. Firing Pin Spring20. Hammer Pin31. Frame42. Left Grip
10. Firing Pin21. Right Grip32. Trigger Pin43. Grip Screws (4)
11. Firing Pin Extension22. Grip Safety33. Trigger

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