Astra 400 Disassembly Instructions

1. To field strip only, remove the magazine and make sure the chamber is empty. Pull the slide to the rear and pivot the safety catch upward as the slide returns forward until the lever engages, holding the slide open. Rotate the barrel as shown until it's internal lugs disengage from the frame and engage the slide. Pivot the safety catch "OFF." Slide the barrel/slide assembly forward off the frame.

2. For major disassembly, remove the magazine and make sure the chamber is empty. Place pistol, muzzle up, on table. Depress barrel bushing with magazine floorplate or suitable tool (.50AE casing or 1/2"ID PVC works well). Turn barrel bushing lock either way until it engages the barrel bushing and holds it in. Pointing the parts away from your face, grip the barrel bushing and lock firmly in one hand, and the slide in the other. Turn the barrel bushing and lock about 1/4 turn to release the recoil spring. Be careful: The spring is strong and the parts will fly apart suddenly if not restrained. Remove recoil spring, barrel bushing and lock. Barrel and slide are removed from the frame as in field stripping.

3. L-shaped springs retain the extractor and the firing pin group. The pins may be removed by prying up with a small screwdriver or punch (this is what the tip of the cleaning rod is for). When reassembling the firing pin group, align the cut-out on the firing pin extension with the retaining pin hole before inserting the pin.

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