Cutaway Astra Modelo 400 (1921)
Some of you may be familiar with the work of Steven Para from Para's Polishing when it comes to Cutaway Firearms. I do not own any of Mr. Para's work, but have seen pictures of most of it. From the photos, it looks top rate; I have heard from many happy owners that it looks much better in real life than the pictures though. Mr. Para recently completed a cutaway Astra 400 and he has allowed me to post the images here for your enjoyment. Click on the thumbnail to view the full sized image.

Mr. Para can be contacted at
Para's Polishing Steven Para
10092 Flowe Store Road
Midland , NC 28107

Right Side

Left Side

Grip Safety

Firing Pin

Right Side

Right Side
Locking Lugs

Right Side
Main Spring

Right Side
Magazine Safety

Left Side

Left Side

Left Side
Trigger Bar
and Sear
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Images Steven Para

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